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The current trend in building security management has shifted more towards pre-emptive security and safety measures like fire protection and building security guards. Once the risks are identified, the best way to counter them is to be equipped in order to defend your building against them. Up to date and versatile security systems contribute to a high level of safety and security.

Building security management has many components. If you start counting, there more than nine factors that should be considered and taken care of. Our organization takes care of all the nine verticals and some more. Our security director’s first research the risks involved and create a comprehensive plan customized to your expectations and demands.

After the comprehensive plan is chalked out, the specifics come into the picture. Starting from people and technology to all the small details that need attention, there is a lot that goes into protecting your precious building. Everything from monitoring the access points of the building to setting up policies for intercoms, elevator control to keep a close eye on the parking facilities, you need to have,and eyes everywhere and this is not by any means an easy task.

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As mentioned above, the first step we take to ensure all-round security is to draft a comprehensive security plan. After this is done, you are provided with a list of our offerings which goes as follows:

  • Perimeter Protection In this service, we deploy armed and unarmed guards around your property perimeter to provide all-around security. The security personnel operate in two shifts if you opt for 24-hour protection or just one shift if you opt for protection only during the night.
  • Nurse Call While having security personnel in and around your property is important, having a system in place which will call for a nurse or doctor during an emergency can’t be ignored as well. When you have this system in place, with just the press of a button, the nearest hospital is automatically contacted,and emergency assistance is requested.
  • Alarm systems Having an intricate alarm system around your property will keep you informed about your intrusions that might happen. In the case of an emergency, either you or one of your security personnel can activate the alarm,and everyone in and around the building will be immediately alarmed.
  • Access Control As mentioned above, having access at entry points and at the parking facility of your property is very important. With this system in place, your security personnel can monitor the entire premises from a central control room,and you will have complete peace of mind.
  • Door and gate phones Last but not the least, we offer gate and door phone systems. With this system in place, either you or your security personnel can easily communicate with your guests and instruct them better.

Building security’s importance can’t be ignored at any point in time. Although the initial investment might seem to be high with our comprehensive plan, you and your building's security will be ensured.

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