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Do you have problems at your premises with illegal and thoughtless parking raising health and safety concerns which cannot be ignored? These increasing problems cause frustration to many owners/occupiers. One can easily avoid any unnecessary traffic congestion and emissions and help parking operators function better with improved car park utilization and higher revenue. Although these services might be most practical for large organizations, governmental or private facilities, domestic car parking management is not uncommon. Companies that manage parking and vehicle access have qualified personnel at their disposal, that aretrained in handling these situations swiftly and efficiently by making sure that mistakes aren't repeated. Such agencies also provide car park signage and traffic management products to keep your facility free flowing and safe.

Car parking & Traffic Management


  • Technology based on extensive experience
  • Statistics module for easy reporting
  • Customized solutions for special user groups (HC, electric cars, families, etc.)

Flow control of vehicles into a parking or restricted area can be achieved by having an efficient traffic management strategy in place.

  • Automated parking systems manage vehicular access, by implementing a barrier controlled system which is in the form of an automated rising arm fence or gate working simultaneously with various methods of access control, a proximity card reader system, a keypad, a remote control transmitter or an intercom system etc are some of the methods that could be implemented for controlling and managing vehicular access.
  • Public Parking uses rising arm barriers paired with revenue controlled systems or access control systems to manage public parking car parks. Manual Barriers and Vehicle Height Restrictors can also be used to restrict areas or certain vehicles from entering parking areas.
  • Visitor, Staff & VIP Parking for different parking zones can be achieved through nesting vehicle control barriers within a larger car park.

A wide array of parking solutions are offered which include parking guidance, off-street parking, on-street parking, motorway parking, parking information and communication, services and marking systems for parking. With a readily available overview or layout of the area and the spaces that are used most frequently compared to those less frequented or avoided by customers can help in proper utilization of a car park leading to easy movement of traffic, saving time and energy and increased customer satisfaction.

Off-Street Single Space Monitoring is essentially a vacant space detection system to provide surveillance of the parking spaces in your garage. It includes a sensor above each space for detection and monitoring, an LED to indicate vacant or occupied, a solution for capacity utilization and also necessitates getting to know the customers’ parking behaviors

On-Street Single Space Monitoring sensors assigned per parking space allow the operator/municipality to acquire data about the usage degree of parking spaces and identifies peak times or when parking time is exceeded. This includes collection of data with exact statistics about average parking time, indication of parking time exceedance for enforcement, paperless residential parking management, integration into parking guidance systems with messages on signs or on Apps, dynamic tariff system for peak times and high demand parking zones, web-based server access and a combined back office for on- and off-street parking.

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