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Community Security is a speciality at Singh Intelligence Security. When are our officers are deployed on a job at any residential neighbourhood or gated community, they are well equipped to handle all the security needs at that particular property. Starting from monitoring the entry gate to helping the community members during emergencies, our security team is trained to make sure that the people in your community always feels safe and secure.

We make sure that our certified, equipped and well-trained security officers are on the job 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. You and other members will always know that there is someone watching their back and always watching out for them. Our officers make sure that their security presence is known to all and we dedicate ourselves to the safety and security of everyone in the neighbourhood.

Mentioned below are the various categories of our community security services-

Car parking & Traffic Management


If you stay at a gated community and you employ our security service, we will make sure that the security team handles every aspect of its security. We won’t let anyone inside the complex just like that and always make sure that the number plate match with the residential decal of all the community residents.

Some residents might not feel confident with having security guards around them, and therefore our staff makes sure that they develop a personal relationship with everyone in the community and make them feel safe and secure all the time. Having a personal relationship with all the residents helps us to offer better security and always make sure that everyone is feeling safe and secure.


When we deploy our security services in a gated community or neighbourhood, our security guards patrol the premises at all times of the day. Our security officers drive around the driveway and also patrol the walkways by foot to ensure that the whole complex is safe and secure. Our security guards always keep their eyes open for any suspicious behaviour and make sure that small children are not playing on the streets where an accident might happen. If your car breaks down inside the community, our security will be the first responders and help you reach your home safe and secure. They also keep an eye to check if any car is poorly parked which might cause a jam or road blockage for other community members.

By checking if all the cars are in the right place, we ensure that not only are the streets safe to drive but also that all the residents are safe and secure inside their homes. If we feel that something is wrong at your house, our security officers will come and check immediately. If you leave your front or garage door open by mistake, we will come and check if everything is alright or not.

Additionally, during any emergency inside the neighbourhood, we are the first responders. We inform the authorities and call for help.

With our community security services in place, you can always sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

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