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People want to feel safe when they go out to attend any event, and events security calls for the handling of such situations with a huge crowd, justifiably requiring discipline, focus and patience. This calls for a highly specialised security force that is well acquainted, adequately equipped and trained to handle crowded places during occasions such as events, exhibitions, rallies, seminars or high profile conferences with swiftness and proficiency. With an event & exhibition security management structure set up, one can effectively maximise security.

Event and Exhibition security includes careful processing, preparing and tactful deployment of security plans for events and exhibitions and also helps formulate strategies and arrangements on how to protect dignitaries, delegates, guests, service providers, organizers,

Event & Exhibition Security Management

sponsors, partners, clients, target audience, media people goods and merchandise and the client from unpredictable and unexpected situations like - fire, power or equipment failure, medical emergencies, unruly mobs, brawls or stampedes, natural disasters/ bad weather, last minute change of plans or sponsorship cancellation/withdrawal.

Security agencies that are in charge of the event or exhibition have experienced personnel who are always prepared with pre-emptive measures and contingency plans. They usually form various strategies including emergency exit plans in anticipation of any and all uncertainties. These personnel are trained to control damage and mitigate losses as far as possible and to handle any calamitous situation by ensuring the well being of their client. With a continuously changing risk landscape, it has become even more challenging and complex to put on large-scale marquee events or special function.


  • The security staff are well trained on giving first aid like checking for breathing and a pulse, CPR and controlling bleeding facilitating a prompt rescue.
  • They do a detailed situational analysis to put the information together that becomes a part of any major event
  • They are well versed with high-stress situations and have contingency plans; fully prepared for failures or issues that may arise during the course of the event. For example - handle fire extinguishers and the crowd in case of a fire.
  • In case of a power failure usually, a separate emergency plan to handle crowd and guests is already drawn up.
  • They gain access to and consolidate with local resources who are familiar with the language, customs, regulations and general environment of any area in order to deliver in a more effective manner.
  • Security companies use equipment of only reputed brands so, in the event of a power or equipment failure, the possibility of a break down is the least.

Large institutions and companies continue to organize lavish events around the world and since each event is unique and different so are the security requisites; with each carrying its own set of demands and dynamics. Though the task of ensuring safety and well-rounded security could seem daunting, personnel trained on event and exhibition security have the experience to meet all special event security needs no matter how large or complex the event. They cater to clients on a large-scale and provide security for a wide range of prominent, high-risk events.

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