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With the changing times and needs of the society, the needs of the people are also changing. And so are the forms of security that they need while moving around in various places – public spaces such as parks, cinema, eating out and, in private spaces such as their homes. As a matter of fact, a security solution entails the use of manpower and security systems, combined with procedures which include proper patrolling, monitoring and providing risk assessment to the clients.

World over, the needs of the citizens have increased manifold, and with an increase in public accidents such as fire outbreaks, or foiling a terror plot, the need for specialised guards and technology for taking pre-emptive measures is increasing. With a growth in urbanisation and modern residential societies, the need for security is further enhanced.

Tailormade Security Services


Tailor-made security solutions can be offered to both institutional clients and at places such as airports, seaports, prisons and other public spots. An ideal security solution uses manpower, technology, equipment and training to be able to cater to its clients in a rightful manner. When we use manpower to provide security, we ensure that the security guards are able to do mobile patrolling, do closed-circuit monitoring and use specialised technology where needed. For Instance, 20-megapixel cameras were used to monitor a cement factory site to detect trespassing activity and to keep an eye on the scene through the wirelessly connected control rooms.

When it comes to guarding, a security solution may comprise of static guarding, specialised guarding, close protection guards and patrolling guards.

At SISPL, we try to provide the best form of security solution that may arise as per your needs of the current time.

In technology, security solutions comprise video surveillance (CCTVs), X-Ray machines and such others.


At SISPL, we provide hi-tech GPS and Central monitoring services which have been equipped in providing specialized security services at residential apartments, corporate parks. Our services also include ATM security and caretaking, event and exhibition security management, community security, personal security, apart from providing K9 squads, armoured van services, armed and unarmed security among various others.

SISPL also lays great emphasis on training. The company takes into note the importance of operational management, personal aptitude, professional skills, recruitment, motivation and administrative support and these are the areas special stress is laid. The company focus on these traits ensures that the training exercise is professionally carried out.

Other forms of security that the company provides are fire-safety audits, executive protection and security, house-keeping, company security management. Our solutions are deployed at corporate and business houses, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, housing and co-operative societies, etc.

The company achieves this by maintaining a strong administrative support in uplifting its standards. The company ensures that the security personnel know that their welfare and working conditions are attended to with care.

SISPL has a well-equipped training center in Bhubaneswar (Orissa) and Alibaug in Maharashtra. They ensure impressive manpower strength and are well equipped to meet the customized needs of the modern society.

We Provide Security Services That Matches Your Needs & Your Budget!

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