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Armed security is especially pertinent to the modern times where there is a heightened risk from various walks of life. For instance, modern banks, industries, factories, and other areas are particularly prone to a potential physical threat. It is these areas where armed security personnel are required and who are equipped with guns or rifles. These armed security guards are equipped with the requisite training and certification necessary to carry a lethal weapon on the site. Armed security personnel definitely takes the security service at the site two notches high as any potential or present threat is averted with the presence of an armed security guard. Though slightly expensive compared to the unarmed security service, the armed security service entails an event moving beyond a simple disturbance and heading toward a violent encounter – in this situation, there is only one type of response that might suffice.

armed and Unarmed Security


Unarmed security guards operate on the principle of ‘benefit of deterrence, which means that they can effectively ward off any potential threats with the right use of electronics and communication and by efficient patrolling. With a guard on site, criminals know that security is in place and that there will be no delay in an emergency service response from the side of the security set-up. An unarmed security guard can physically patrol a location, monitor electronic detection system at that location, and respond to any threats in an appropriate and effective manner.

At SISPL (Singh Intelligence Security Pvt. Ltd), we try to ensure that our clients get the right kind of service that is required to meet their requirements. It is these unarmed security guards that may be deployed at disaster-struck sites or sites where a natural calamity has happened. SISPL guards are equipped and well-trained to provide security tailored for such exigencies as well as for routine-life requirement.


Before deploying a security system, a company must assess the need for a security system correctly. For instance, the needs of an airport may be different than that at a shopping mall. At SISPL, we try to help our clients out into deciding the right security move for their business or home set-up. SISPL has the know-how of the quality standards associated with various kinds of security services, and this is what makes us a more reliable security service provider.

Armed security, in particular, sends out a message to the general public, and you’ll have to figure out exactly what that message will be when your patrons visit your establishment. On the other hand, at the bank, people may feel comfortable and secure with the presence of armed personnel.

Some of the aspects of an unarmed security service may include activities such as employees and visitor gate access control, visitor and VIP escorting, office security patrolling, maintaining material In-Out register, maintaining daily activities logs, 24-hour guards service handling of special or unusual circumstances, investigating thefts if any and any other unusual incidents, investigating suspicious persons and vehicles, creating professionally written reports and records, assisting in the design and application of closed circuit TV.

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