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With the increase in instances of security breaches, terror threats and crime rates, the need for specialised guards and technology for taking pre-emptive measures is more pertinent than before, and one can never undervalue the importance of effective security. Security agencies are always looking into quality improvement by adopting & maintaining quality management systems that conform to prevailing international standards. Along with guarding premises, a full range of equipment is also offered, which are needed to monitor the premises that a naked eye can miss. With proper alarm systems and hidden cameras in place, one can easily ensure that no activity takes place undetected.

Based on various client needs and demands a comprehensive and all-encompassing security plan is chalked out covering all aspects of security with utmost importance to the ones most suited to the client’s requirement. These services are executed by well accomplished,

High-tech GPS and Central  Monitoring Services

professional and qualified experts with affluent experience of this industry which makes them highly sought-after. Such agencies undertake the installation, maintenance and monitoring of various electronic gadgets and systems which includes a number of products such as handheld and door frame metal detectors, magnetic sensor for doors and windows, panic switch, alarm system, passive infra-ray switch, smoke detectors to central monitoring stations with CCTV besides under vehicle search mirrors.

In keeping with current trends, most security agencies offer integrated monitoring and response services through Central Monitoring Services, which means your premises are safeguarded 24*7 by expert monitoring staff and a team of highly trained personnel. Over time, GPS monitoring has been adapted for non-military and sometimes domestic purposes as well, leading to it becoming more affordable and portable. This mode of surveillance has also found more common use in the supervision of lone workers or personnel and vehicular tracking and tracking of animals, minor offenders or less violent criminals who are under observation; through continuous monitoring over secure tracking networks, making GPS monitoring an accepted part of community supervision.


  • Alarm Monitoring
  • CCTV Monitoring Services
  • Advanced Video Analytics
  • Fleet Management
  • Patrol and Response

Along with camera security, the CMS station also offers control over telematics which includes lights, gates or barriers and audio. Some services even extend to proactive and reactive monitoring. Alarm monitoring facilitates the monitoring of most modern alarm systems. The Central Monitoring station will immediately detect any signals sent from your monitored alarms system, including intruder, fire and panic signals, following which appropriate action based on pre-specified instructions will be taken.

Since decades, the location of offenders under community supervision had been monitored with the assistance of electronic devices. Electronic monitoring relies on technology that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to monitor which is usually combined with radio-frequency receivers, computer technology, and cell phone service, GPS makes use of satellites orbiting the earth to communicate information in real time (or near real time) about geographic locations. With increased incidents of menace, security threats and terror plots we have been rudely awakened to the fact that effective risk management involves an integrated approach to security.

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