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By providing maximum protection, an ever-ready patrolling force under quality supervising officers will conduct regular patrols to ensure premises are in constant vigilance and in order at all times. One can ward off many potential threats with round the clock patrolling by trained personnel with or without the integration of any technology or equipment. Big businesses often hire security guards for patrolling and supervising services to monitor every activity and make sure no one gets access to secure areas. A business needs all kinds of care to ensure its safety which is a primary concern nowadays with crime rates going up day by day.

Responsibilities of a supervising officer

  • The supervisor is responsible for monitoring the electronic surveillance equipment used on the premises.
  • A security supervisor monitors his staff by patrolling with them by auto or on foot.
Patrolling and Supervising Services
  • He oversees guards who protect private property against theft and vandalism and also ensures the safety of people on the employer's premises.
  • Every day, the supervisor designates areas to his officers to patrol. He also presents a list of potential problems his officers should be on the lookout.
  • If someone gets caught committing a crime or tresspassing, the supervisor administers the transfer of the accused person to the custody of the local law enforcement body.
  • He works with the staff to develop safety plans for the buildings he monitors and leads periodic safety drills for employees and patrons in the business.
  • Employee Performance Management - Supervisors ensure that job descriptions accurately document the primary qualifications, responsibilities, and terms for every job role in their group. They set performance standards for tasks, jobs and roles of their employees. sportation venues, such as airports and bus terminals. Depending on the size of his staff, the security supervisor might do patrol duty, or his job may be primarily administrative. Security personnel work in office buildings, retail stores and other public buildings.

    Security and supervising of any form protects privacy and provides a sense of peace and relaxation. Patrolmen play an important role in securing public places like to prevent instances of vandalism, larceny, thieving, robberies and trespassing by keeping unwanted elements away. These 24-hour guards act as physical deterrents to any untoward situation that might arise and are smart preventative measures that are necessary to ensure a peaceful work environment which is stress-free and safe. Places like libraries and hospitals, especially those in urban environments, are way stations for the homeless.

    Effective supervision and patrolling ensures:

    • Corporations investing in their employee safety efficiently boost morale and dedication
    • Efficient crowd handling at high-risk events
    • Avoiding break-ins at parking lots, corporate spaces, apartment complexes, shopping malls, no-entry zones etc
    • Option to ‘observe and report’ —a more practical option for most small businesses and special events, wherein guards collect evidence in the case of a crime or accident; an on-site security presence in any form whether armed or unarmed deters crime and theft.
    • If a property has security on-site, that guard is able to alert first-responders in case of fire and floods and prevent more damage. A professional on hand in case of an accident or crime is always useful.

    SISPL has been providing such patrolling and supervising services to its clients for several years, and have helped them avoid numerous threats, thus becoming an invaluable part of their organisation.

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